Debbie Aliotta of Tri Pups Construction

In this episode of the ROCC Pod, presented by the Royal Oak Michigan Chamber of Commerce, we delve into the adventurous backstory and business insights of Deb Aliotta from Tri-Pups, a professional remodeling and repair company. But we start with Debbie’s hot air balloon crash on a golf course, which sets a tone of resilience and levity that we discover is central to both her personal and professional life.

Debbie shares her journey from a young enthusiast in construction to becoming the co-founder of Tri-Pups. She recounts how hands-on experiences during her youth, coupled with a background in accounting, paved her way into the remodeling industry. Despite her accounting degree, Debbie prefers the dynamic challenges of construction, highlighting her transition from corporate accounting to managing a construction crew that specializes in finishing work, while her partner, Chris, handles the rough carpentry and estimation.

A significant part of our discussion revolves around Tri-Pups’ unique approach to client engagement. Debbie outlines how the use of a comprehensive CRM system, Buildertrend, allows them to maintain meticulous records of their projects and facilitates transparent communication with clients. This system not only tracks project progress but also stores detailed logs like paint colors and job history, ensuring that clients are well-informed and can easily retrieve this information when needed.

Moreover, the podcast touches on the challenges and advantages of running a small business, emphasizing the importance of community and professional networking through their longstanding association with the Royal Oak Michigan Chamber of Commerce. This relationship has fostered numerous professional connections and friendships that have been instrumental in Tri-Pups’ growth and integration into the community.

Debbie’s narrative is interwoven with key business philosophies: adaptability, thorough customer service, and maintaining high standards of professionalism. These qualities not only define Tri-Pups’ business model but also resonate with many small business owners and entrepreneurs who listen to the podcast seeking inspiration and practical advice.