Who We Are

Tri-Pups, Inc. was created with the mission to prove that all Contractors are not from the same mold. Our goal is to provide a unique customer experience that focuses on communication and honesty while providing outstanding quality at a reasonable price.

Our founder, Chris Adamski, had worked for several construction companies over many years while attending high school and college. After his dream of acceptance into a University Medical School was crushed, due to circumstances completely beyond his control, it became apparent that his love for construction and maintenance work would become his sole focus.

For several years, Chris worked for uninsured, disreputable construction companies that rarely paid him as promised. So, he set out to create a completely different atmosphere for his new venture.

You may be asking yourself, why the name Tri-Pups? Most construction companies name their businesses after the owner or use an adjective like quality or advanced, etc. before the word “construction”. After owning and operating D & C Construction for about a year, Chris set out to do something different when he incorporated the business on February 20, 1997.

Chris learned at an early age that dogs are a human’s best friend. While trying to think of a name for his company he spent a lot of time with his best friends-Pebbles, Bam Bam, and Blaze. As a tribute to them, he came up with the name Tri-Pups. He thought about how hard they worked to please him all of the time and thus the company slogan “A working dog is a happy dog!” was created.

While we still get people asking if we can groom or train their dogs, our name does tend to open up discussion with people while waiting in a checkout line or chatting on the phone. Once we explain what we do and why we named the company as we did, many ask for a business card. Actually, the name has become a fantastic marketing tool for us. Like most of our staff, the name is fun and memorable.

During our first year, Chris, worked mostly solo, concentrating on power washing and staining and/or painting decks, fences, aluminum siding, block walls, etc. He quickly learned that work dried up completely as the weather changed in the fall. So, as winter approached, he branched out to include interior painting and maintenance services.

In the Spring of 1998, Chris hired his first crew member. In April of 1999, after the company had grown to 8 employees and greatly expanded the services offered, Debbie Aliotta, our Vice President, joined the company. Many changes were implemented after her addition to Tri-Pups as she began focusing on scheduling, marketing, and human resource functions in addition to project management and leading a crew.

Our focus really became educating our staff, developing a more proactive employment approach, and really exceeding customer expectations to bring us repeat business. A five part hiring process was implemented. Our system now consists of reviewing resumes, written testing, interviewing, a thorough background check, and utilizing trial workdays to test skills. The entire staff of Tri-Pups has the opportunity to work with employment candidates during their paid trial days. Whether or not the person is hired is put to vote and only if the candidate is approved by the entire staff does that person become a member of the Tri-Pups family.

The result has been a much leaner workforce. Each of our current employees has been with us for several years. All of them are highly educated and very motivated to work to the best of their abilities

Here is just a partial list of the certifications that the Tri-Pups staff has trained for: