Creative Storage Solutions in Small Spaces

Storage is one of the most sought-after parts of any home, yet most properties are under-delivering. Instead of trying to convince yourself you’ll be okay with renting storage space outside of your home, it’s time to build smarter.

These are some of the best ways to add storage to any home and what it takes to create a property that has enough space for anything.

Utilizing Vertical Space

Although we all love having extra closets, drawers, and other areas to store our items, most people don’t get the most use possible out of these. Instead of building out, it’s time to build up.

Areas like garage walls, walls in closets and cabinets, and even inside sheds can be built up to handle even more storage. Adding shelving, hooks, specialized hardware for items like bicycles can take you far.

Take your time to ensure your wall can handle the weight that’s put on it. Don’t simply hammer a nail into drywall and expect it to hold a fifty-pound box of photo books.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Just like knowing how to use self-drilling screws can help you out of tons of difficult projects, multi-functional furniture can save you from clutter before it even begins. This can be classic, like window benches that double as storage, but you can also create kitchen islands that have hidden storage, and many homeowners have even started installing stairs that double as little drawers for more storage.

Feel free to get creative with this! Although you should hold back on getting more items simply because there’s more space, the goal is to have room for your items and then even more to spare.

Under-Bed Storage

Under-bed storage is a key factor for anyone trying to get better at getting extra possessions out of sight. This is a great place for vacuum-sealed comforters, pillows, extra blankets, and so much more. Many people even use it to seal their off-season wardrobes somewhere in their room without having to take up a ton of closet space.

You don’t have to have a bed with built-in drawers for this to work. Using a bed skirt and some drawers that were built for the task, you can create ample storage space without anyone knowing there are boxes beneath your bed.

Door and Wall Organizers

Door and wall organizers can take you even further! A door organizer can work for shoes, or you can use that same organizer to hold everything from makeup to art supplies and even underwear and socks.

Wall organizers are going to be more open, so it’s a good idea for things like collectibles or other goodies you want to show off but don’t have the desk space for.

Utilizing Nooks and Crannies

There are countless areas of your home that you may need to realize are going to waste. Triangle-shaped corner cabinets and storage are awesome for getting a couple more drawers in use, but hooks in kitchens are also useful for storing pans and pots so they don’t clutter your cabinetry.

If there’s an area that’s unused, there are dozens of ways to turn it into an awesome space for storage.Decluttering and Organization

To discuss the elephant in the room: it’s important to declutter and organize while you’re building storage for yourself. You may have a sentimental connection with most things you own, but if you’re running out of storage space, there are probably countless items you can do without.

Before you start, consider renting a residential dumpster. These are awesome for decluttering because you don’t have to stress about where to put all of the trash or the mess from renovation, and they can save you time and money in the long term.

Lighting and Mirrors

You can make your home feel more spacious, and less cluttered, with a little trickery. To do this, place lighting higher in each room, and add mirrors across from the lighting. This will make any room feel like it’s doubled in size, which can distract away from spaces being used for storage or sealed.

Remember to clean these mirrors often to avoid the illusion being ruined.

Customized Shelving and Cabinetry

Every home is different, which means you might find yourself needing cabinetry that can fit in a square foot of space but nowhere in your area that offers pre-made cabinetry at that size. Customized shelving and cabinets will fit your home like a glove without any of the stress of resizing.

When you’re putting up this shelving, consider installing acoustic wall panels to keep your entire home as quiet as possible. Blocking out distracting or obnoxious sounds can free you of audio clutter along with all of the other clutter you’re getting rid of.

Creating Storage Solutions Will Keep Clutter Away

Nobody wants their home to feel like it’s overwhelmed with clutter and garbage. Follow these ideas, and check out Tri-Pups for more solutions!

Author Bio:
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