5 Inspiring Interior Remodeling Ideas to Consider for Your Home

The interior of our home says a lot about who we are, what we’re interested in, and what we want to see in our daily lives. Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure where to start when updating. This can lead to homes with boring interiors that don’t inspire us anymore.

Instead of giving up on the interior of your home: these are the top remodeling projects you should try in 2023 to give your property a fresh look.

1. Finishing Your Basement

Basements are a part of our home that we often overlook or put off finishing. Unfortunately, this means wasted space within our house could be put to far better use. Updating your basement flooring, adding specific rooms, and completing them, can double the size of your home if it’s one story.

Take the time to think beyond guest rooms and consider what you want in your home. Is it a media room? A home office? Somewhere to do your hobbies? Invest in this, and don’t be afraid to make your own dreams come true. Any room can be repurposed if you decide to sell, but it should be a space you get good use out of while you live there.

2. Inspire Yourself With Color

Color is something that’s hard to escape when it comes to design: but choosing how to use it shouldn’t be scary! Color can be a fantastic way to show off unique shapes in furniture, awesome designs that inspire you, and can even affect the room’s mood.

Pantone is world known for its colors: and 2023’s color of the year is a beauty! Called Viva Magenta, this warm red color is a fantastic example of how color can affect us.

Using a color like this in your home can affect your choices for everything else you do, best paired with bold white or black, or allowing it to truly shine against a warm copper color, it’s easy to allow colors to inspire you. Although you should still pick colors you like, don’t be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone.

3. Natural Light Isn’t Hard to Find

Sunlight is something that we take for granted when we’re outside, but the moment we’re inside it can feel like homeowners struggle even to grab a couple of drops of light. Consider looking into bay window ideas to update your home and make any room a little more dazzling. A bay window adds two square feet of space to any room and gives it a classic and beautiful look.

These windows allow a steady stream of light inside on sunny days and ensure that your home isn’t dark and closed off. You can do anything you want with this bay window, making it a reading nook, a breakfast corner, or even a space for your plants to flourish. So don’t be shy about adding this beautiful detail to your home.

4. Adding Beautiful Details

Details are a quick way to add a personalized and unique look to your home. This can be done by adding details like adding molding to cabinets, changing the light fixtures you use, or creating amazing art for your home. The important thing is that these details play well with the other details already inside your home. If you have a very busy tile style and a busy paint color on your walls, adding furniture with a vibrant print on top of that can be an eye strain.

Remember that less is more, and if you decide it needs more down the line, that’s always easier to fix than stripping away paint and switching out your furniture to get rid of a cluttered appearance.

5. Creating Visual Intrigue

Visual intrigue says a lot about a home, but it doesn’t necessarily mean art or knick-knacks. Instead, consider the layout of each room of your home. Use your furniture to guide your eyes where you want them to look and give them a chance to see what they should do. You can achieve this further by the placement of rugs, use of lighting, and other items that will pull across what you’re trying to convince others.

Your Home’s Interior Should Excite You

Regardless of how your home looked when you bought it: what interests you when it comes to updating your home? What type of house do you want? Although it can take time to figure out your perfect property, you can always experiment until you get there!

Roger Marx is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on home improvement projects especially deck construction. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he enjoys spending time with his wife and working on backyard projects in his spare time. Roger’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in the New Year.